Project Management

Effective project management is critical to the success of any clinical trial. Our project managers have three major attributes: First, they are pragmatic, experienced problem solvers. Second, they are enthusiastic, accountable, hard-working people who lead by example. Third, they are consensus-building, flexible, highly ethical team players. In addition, as a small, owner-managed company, sponsors are assured that executive management actively supports the project managers in each trial. These attributes distinguish CAP from other organizations who cannot match CAP’s experiential and intellectual firepower overseeing the prudent and pragmatic leadership/decision making that is the cornerstone of effective project management.

Our Project Managers are trained to understand the nuances of each trial, to provide advice and guidance to sponsors and investigative sites and to ensure regulatory compliance and to proactively address any challenges that may arise.

CAP Project Managers perform a wide variety of management functions including the following:

  • Day to day oversight and tracking of all team members, budget, timeline and trends
  • Real-time client interaction and brainstorming meetings for effective trial design and conduct.
  • Cultivate relationships with, and motivate sites to meet patient recruitment/retention goals
  • Create a management framework to optimize the skills of functional leads, and drive focus on the quality and efficiency of individual tasks
  • Provide leadership and direction to the project team, including specifications for time, quality and cost of deliverables
  • Perform project feasibility studies
  • Utilize effective systems and processes to assure efficiency and accuracy throughout the project
  • Utilize their expertise in risk mitigation and issue resolution to ensure that trials are on time and within budget
  • Assist with CAPA writing and conflict resolution
  • Maintain a flexible, can-do approach to address issues innovatively and proactively

Our CAP team is diligent, communicative and enjoyable to work with. They are always prepared and their decision-making is exceptional.