Specialty Supportive Care Services

CAP is the world’s most trusted and experienced CRO for managing and conducting studies with a focus in supportive care and in particular, oral mucositis (OM). CAP and its program directors have worked with dozens of other companies on numerous supportive care clinical studies in all phases. No CRO has a stronger concentration of experienced employees and capable service provider partners than CAP for studies in OM.

CAP’s OM experience spans its entire existence and has been continuous. As many as 80-90% of all industry-sponsored clinical trials utilize CAP as a service provider. More importantly, CAP has been at the forefront of most, if not all, successful industry-sponsored, clinical trials in OM. Still, CAP constantly innovates and improves itself and its services taking nothing for granted.

Supportive Care studies are uniquely challenging.

The landscape is littered with failed studies sponsored by companies who utilized CROs possessing limited indication-specific experience for complex indications. CAP has fielded frustrated, frantic calls from sponsors whose supportive care trials are “dead in the water” and turn to CAP to address site recruitment, subject retention, and endpoint variability challenges, among others.

CAP has a deep and fundamental understanding of the unique challenges of clinical trials in supportive care of cancer patients. Most sites devoted to supportive care clinical research know CAP by its stellar reputation and have sought to remain an active part of the CAP network of supportive care sites and investigators worldwide.