About Us

Founded in 1999, CAP is a specialty consulting and contract research organization dedicated to oncology and supportive care. We work with biopharma companies of all sizes, particularly small to mid-size companies and start-ups with lean infrastructures. We provide full scope clinical trial services for all stages of clinical development. Our team brings personalized attention and specialized skill to every project we undertake.

Focused Relationships.
CAP has extensive and long-standing relationships with countless study coordinators, research directors, and principal investigators with directly-relevant oncology trial experience at hundreds of sites in more than 15 countries worldwide. In addition, CAP has an extensive database of numerous additional clinical sites worldwide, many of whom have been active in previous studies managed by CAP. As it relates to oncology supportive care, no other organization even comes close.

On the sponsor level, CAP looks to build and maintain a superior working relationship with all of its clients whether as the study leaders or in support of the sponsors’ leadership. This encourages collaboration and a team atmosphere which drive the success of each and every project. Our sponsors view the CAP team as an extension of their own, and CAP prides itself on the fact that many sponsors choose CAP time and time again as their CRO of choice.

High Ethical Standards and Transparency.
CAP’s singular focus on oncology studies requires it to interact regularly with sites, investigators, consultants, and sponsors all engaged in potentially competitive activities. CAP takes great pride in ensuring that all of its clients receive the same exceptional services on a level playing field. In an industry where small companies live and die by their reputations CAP is proud to have been respected and successful in the clinical trial management of oncology studies for nearly 2 decades.

Low Overhead.
The economic challenges of clinical research are well documented. As a small, specialized service provider, CAP is able to offer a comprehensive suite of services at a competitive price without sacrificing quality at any level. For small companies with limited resources, CAP will always seek to be as cost effective as possible.

Accessible and Responsive.
As a business policy, CAP discourages the use of voicemail. All incoming calls to CAP during regular business hours are answered by a knowledgable person and directed to the appropriate team member for immediate resolution. This is particularly important for site calls as study coordinators and PIs do not have the time to chase down information.

No matter who you meet at CAP you’re impressed. Everyone is smart. If they have any dull people at all, they must hide them in a back room. Chief Medical Officer, publicly traded New-England based pharmaceutical company