Clinical Assistance Programs (CAP) is a full-service, owner-managed, clinical research organization dedicated to oncology and supportive care (i.e., oncology side effects). Small, specialty organizations like CAP live and die by their reputations. With almost two decades of continuous full service clinical trial management and operational experience, expert consulting and legal support, and a long list of recognized clients and successes, we are proud of our reputation as an industry stalwart.


Oncology and oncology supportive care are therapeutic indications that present a unique set of challenges and obstacles to clinical trial success. From study design, endpoint selection, and site and subject recruitment through project, data, and vendor management, these patient populations demand a higher level of specialized knowledge. Our decades of dedicated, office-based, oncology experience combined with a passionate and singular focus, ensure you’ll receive sensible advice for even the most complex study.


Small by design, our size enables and encourages regular communication with management, short decision paths, and a strong sense of personal accountability in everything we do. Our teams are staffed with self-motivated, high achievers who have distinguished themselves professionally as problem solvers with can-do attitudes. There is no place to hide at CAP and our clients appreciate our high ethical standards and transparency. Senior management is involved in every project at every step of the way resulting in a superior level of accountability and oversight. Low overhead keeps costs down and allows us to provide every client with exceptional customer service.